WhatsApp Business Helps Small Companies Reach Customers

Customers will be easily able to find out relevant information about a business without having to scour search engines.

WhatsApp has helped to change that way that employees communicate. In the past, workers would learn of happenings within the workplace while on the job. However, certain employers would need to ensure that workers are informed at all times. An application called WhatsApp has allowed workers to communicate more effectively, providing communication possibilities for anyone with an internet connection. Recently, the WhatsApp company announced it will be creating a new version of their app specifically for use between small businesses and their customers.

WhatsApp Business aims to change the way that businesses communicate with their clientele. This application allows a business to list information including a business description, email and physical location addresses, and much more. Customers will be easily able to find out relevant information about a business without having to scour search engines.

Another major aspect of this new app is the ability for a business and their customers to be able to communicate with each other. WhatsApp Business allows users to choose from a wide variety of greetings and other quick messages. In addition, WhatsApp Business provides a report for the user with valuable information concerning delivered and read message metrics. Technology news website The Verge reports that WhatsApp Business is free but currently only available on Android devices.

It’s understandable that those who already utilize this application might wonder if WhatsApp Business works with a previously installed version of WhatsApp. Fortunately, this new application gives users the option to use both apps with a singular or separate phone numbers. WhatsApp users will also be happy to know that this new application will work on both mobile and desktop devices.

To summarize, the WhatsApp company has launched a new application for small businesses called WhatsApp Business. This application allows a business to display relevant information about their company. In addition, WhatsApp Business allows a user to send either customized messages to their clientele or they can choose from a list of already created texts. WhatsApp Business is currently available in the United States as well as a handful of other countries. Plans are currently in place to ensure that this application is available to many more parts of the world throughout this month.