How Technology Can Harm Your Health

The average American consumes 13.6 hours of technology every day.

Technology has taken the world by storm, and it is here to stay. However, a new study has shown that constant exposure to technology can be harmful to one’s health. Dr. Larry Rosen stated that people who feel the need to constantly check their phones suffer from iDisorder.

Technology can negatively effect on health in a number of ways. It can affect the way that you sleep. Studies have shown that the blue light from tablets, cell phones and laptops can prevent the body from producing melatonin. This is a chemical that controls the body sleep/wake cycle. That is why many people who struggle to sleep take melatonin.

Not only does technology reduce melatonin, but it keeps your mind going. It tricks your brain into thinking that you have to stay awake. This is not healthy because sleep is needed for optimal health. You need time in order to unwind from technology.

Technology can also increase your stress level. Dr. David Shanley is an anxiety therapist. He stated that when people constantly check their text messages and emails, it increases their anxiety levels. Furthermore, technology has been shown to increase the risk of obesity. It has a tendency to make us lazy, which has been linked to obesity.

The average American consumes 13.6 hours of technology every day. Not only does technology make people lazy, but it also makes our food choices more diverse. When people find out that they have more food choices, they are tempted to order more food.

Dr. Anususya Chatter Joe is the chief researcher at Milken Institute. He stated that the obesity rate increased every time that people spent more money on technology. While technology makes everyday life more convenient, it has been linked to unpleasant health outcomes. Sleeping problems, anxiety and obesity are just a few of those problems.