Talk Fusion Expands With New Office In India

Talk Fusion is a direct selling and video marketing company that has been growing quickly over the past several years. In a recent press release, the company announced its...
Talk Fusion opens a new Office in India. Graphic image of a globe
Talk Fusion Opens Office in India

Talk Fusion is a direct selling and video marketing company that has been growing quickly over the past several years. In a recent press release, the company announced its expansion into India. The new office will be in New Delhi. Since the popularity of the company’s products is growing quickly in the country, the new office will serve as a dedicated support system to reach the Indian marketplace.


Talk Fusion Is Pleased To Serve India

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. In an interview, he said that news about Talk Fusion’s expansion has already spread throughout India. He said that the people associated with the new office were especially eager to participate in Talk Fusion’s compensation platform. Since it offers a significant global business opportunity, Talk Fusion plans to use the new office as a training facility for local participants. Guru Lal Singh was named the new manager of the Indian office. He said that videos make messages come to life, and he expressed his interest in sharing what video messages could do for the local market.

In an interview, Guru said that Talk Fusion would build a company culture centered around success for its Indian office. He was pleased that Reina shared his confidence in accomplishing that mission. Guru expressed his hope that India would become one of the top marketplaces for Talk Fusion. Bob Reina said in an interview that he was planning to travel to India soon and was looking forward to collaborating with the company’s new team members. He explained that the marketplace was an ideal location to spread the company’s disruptive technology, and he was hopeful that it would better the lives of many Indian residents as well as the lives of people in other parts of the world.

In the United States, Talk Fusion is known for its development of top-of-the-line video email products. As a leader in the WebRTC communications world, Talk Fusion offers programs for optimizing video newsletters, video chat and much more. The company has a unique selling technique. Talk Fusion’s products are independently marketed by associates all over the world. The company’s reach expands into 140 countries, and it has a rewarding compensation structure. Its associate compensation plan features instant pay, which is something that other direct selling companies lack. When associates make a sale, they can expect full payment within minutes instead of having to wait several days or weeks. Additionally, Talk Fusion is popular because it does not require associates to purchase and keep inventory.


What Is Talk Fusion?

In 2004, Bob Reina was touring a home and wanted to make a short video of it to send through an email. However, it was impossible to do at that time. He realized that making it possible to send a video through an email would unlock a world of potential for marketing. With the help of a friend and his technological abilities, Bob developed Talk Fusion. It started as a video marketing program and evolved into a company with many useful marketing products. The tools include video chat, video email, live video meetings, signup forms and video newsletters. Charity is an important part of Talk Fusion’s company culture. The company donates to several animal charities and other causes, and the associates donate independently to causes within their own countries.

Associates who join Talk Fusion are encouraged to help others join. As the only company that provides instant compensation to associates, Talk Fusion continues to grow quickly. Associates also have the opportunity to earn unique prizes such as diamond jewelry, Rolex watches and more. There is a standard version of Talk Fusion’s products, which is available in all countries except Indonesia. A special version of the program is available for Indonesian customers. The tools in Talk Fusion’s video marketing suite are designed to be compatible with all operating systems. Also, recipients can view videos and use the tools on most mobile devices. Since the company believes in its suite of video tools, it offers a free trial for 30 days without requiring a credit card number. During the trial, users can send unlimited video emails and can access the full version of the dashboard tool suite.