Social Media Trends For The Upcoming Year

Year after year things change, but as is human nature, we constantly think things stay the same. Well, maybe somethings do but social media usually does not conform to...

Year after year things change, but as is human nature, we constantly think things stay the same. Well, maybe somethings do but social media usually does not conform to this rule.

Just see how many times Facebook or any other of your favorite social media platforms amends a rule or advances its apps with new technology. What to speak of new social media outlets cropping up all the time and changing the face of how we communicate with each other over the internet.

The fact is that social media along with technology is always advancing and if we are to keep up with the latest trends and changes, we must be able to foresee such changes coming on the horizon.

There are some interesting observations, more like predictions, that are expected to arrive by next year. For the most part, there seems to be roughly 8 major trends that we can expect to see in 2018. Seven of them can be seen in the following article and the other has been added as a personal forecast.

The following is a brief summary of each one:

Augmented Reality

As the sales for Virtual Reality headsets continue to increase and technological advancements for such augmented realities continue to rise, there is a strong possibility that this type of computer-enhanced technology will begin to affect the way we communicate and what better way to implements such augmented communication than through social media.

Privacy Rights

This has always been a major concern amongst social media users and it appears that in 2018 social media platforms, both new and old, are going to up the stakes to keep user data private through open source APIs and other privacy advancements.

Live Streaming

Video and in particular, live video, was a big hit in 2017. So much so that it is now the preferred choice for interacting on almost all major social media platforms. The trend should only continue and increase in the year to come.

Gaming Experience

Otherwise known as gamification, this particular interaction uses gaming technology as a new form of online communication. It is not yet known how this type of game-like experience will affect social media although considering the number of gamers out there the majority of social media users should take to it like ducks to water.

New Branding

It is no mystery that company brands have levered social media to bring awareness to their labels. However, this has caused a sort of saturation point in the social media world where users are beginning to weary of their messages. 2018 should prove to be the year where brands change their style and come up with more independent content which engages the interests of social media users more effectively.

More Advertising

The days of building a user-base for Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are now long gone. It is most likely that these giant social media platforms will continue to focus on generating revenue through more innovative means in the upcoming year as they now have billions of users from which to profit from.

Local Personalization

As social media communities grow tighter and tighter, so will local personalization. You can expect to see more social media platforms catering to local businesses and local users to provide a truly concentrated interaction amongst people and businesses residing in the same locale.

Stories (Personal Prediction)

As far as marketing on social media is concerned, 2018 should see the continuous rise of storytelling. People love to hear stories and there seems to be no better way to communicate a message than through this medium. Storytelling will go hand and hand with video marketing as seeing and not only hearing is truly believing.

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