Paul Mampilly Explains Why Apple Stock Prices May Fall Soon

For many years, Apple’s performance has been through inclines and periods of stagnation. With a smartphone market share that rivals only that of Samsung in the United States, the...
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Paul Mampilly Explains Why Apple Stock Prices May Fall Soon

For many years, Apple’s performance has been through inclines and periods of stagnation. With a smartphone market share that rivals only that of Samsung in the United States, the company has enjoyed growth and expansion over the past decade. However, its growth may not be perpetuated in 2018. Investment expert and former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly recently explained why in an article that was published on TalkMarkets. In the article, he started out by saying that Apple is now doomed.

Paul Mampilly Makes Another Insightful Prediction

Since Paul Mampilly retired in his 40s after making many successful stock purchases and predictions, everyone listens when he has advice about investing. He has a solid history of accurate and profitable predictions. In his article, Paul Mampilly said that the once-great American electronics company will begin a noticeable decline in 2018. Many people wrongly believed that Apple was on a steady upward trend last year, which was caused when Warren Buffet spent over $20 billion buying shares to boost the market.

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Understanding Apple’s Accomplishments

Paul Mampilly said that people who are now buying Apple stock are investing in a memory, and that memory is usually the late Steve Jobs and his innovative products. To give an example, he referenced the popular iPod, which was originally released in October 2001. At the time, the device was a highly coveted music player that held thousands of songs and could fit into a person’s pocket. It replaced portable CD and tape players forever. In 2007, the iPhone was released. The device was a revolutionary product since it boasted the same capabilities as a computer. Apple released the iPad in 2010 to perfect the tablet computer and make it easier to use than a laptop. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs died in 2011. Although new versions of iPhones, iPads and Mac computers have been released, there have not been any different product lines introduced since Steve’s death. Apple has been focusing on offering customization choices for the new versions of its existing product lines.

The company has also been unveiling some new features for its products. For example, the fingerprint lock and pay system was released in recent years. The latest iPhone X boasts a crisp OLED display and facial recognition. While some people are excited about the new features, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that he prefers his iPhone 8 instead. His comments have not inspired much confidence in Apple customers who pay attention to him. After news of Apple’s automatic updates being designed to slow down older phones surfaced, unhappy customers felt that they were being forced to buy new versions of the iPhone or deal with a slow device. There are lawsuits on the horizon for Apple to deal with because of this. Unfortunately, an even bigger storm is coming for Apple, and it is tied to the Google Chromebook.

The Chromebook Threatens Apple’s Future

A Chromebook computer uses Google’s software and cloud storage. It has been a popular product among buyers who want a cost-effective computer that runs efficiently. In the past, most schools used Mac computers. Today, Google is dominating that market. According to recent data, Chromebooks boast nearly a 60 percent market share in elementary, middle and high schools. Educational facilities now utilize cloud spreadsheets, presentation programs and word processing programs on them.

Paul Mampilly explained that realizing this information is critical for seeing a little-known red flag, which is where customer loyalty begins. He said that it starts with children developing a loyalty for products based on familiarity and a positive user experience. When schools had the old Apple computers in the 1990s, the children who used them grew up to trust and recognize the company’s products. It was a strategic move on Apple’s part to ensure that its products were dominant in the education market. Many of those children remained loyal to Apple when they grew up, found jobs and had money to buy their own electronics. In a 1995 interview, Steve Jobs said that schools buying Apple II computers was an integral part of the company’s financial and physical growth.

Voice commands are a major part of the modern technology shift, and Apple provided a useful iPhone search service with Siri. However, Google Assistant is featured on Google’s products, and it allows for easy voice commands, searching and much more. While Apple has not been focusing on improving Siri, Google continues to move forward with feature improvements. The simplicity of Google Assistant makes it easy for children to use, and many have the opportunity if they use a Chromebook. Paul Mampilly said that Apple shifting its focus to customizing the aesthetics of its products instead of developing new ones will only fuel its downfall while Google takes over. As Google continues to lead the way, stock prices for Apple will start a steady downward trend.

Paul Mampilly Helps Investors Avoid Costly Mistakes

After managing high-profile accounts with the Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank, Paul Mampilly went on to win the coveted Templeton Foundation Award. He accomplished this in 2009 after he grew a $50 million investment to an astounding $88 million. His research spans the entire stock market and is available through his Extreme Fortunes newsletter. He also has a newsletter called Profits Unlimited that includes his insightful predictions.

Investors who are considering Apple stock should heed his advice since his accurate predictions have saved people from making bad investments. As Paul Mampilly pointed out in his article, Apple originally dominated the electronics industry when it started releasing new innovations such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod. It beat competitors who focused on customizing their existing products, and now Apple is making that same mistake while Google takes over a critical but commonly overlooked market.

Paul Mampilly shares his investment insights with everyday main street Americans. For more information, or to sign up for Profits Unlimited, connect with Paul Mampilly on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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