Niantic is Busy Making Pokemon Go THE Definitive Augmented Reality Application.

Niantic is looking to 2018 in order to fundamentally change the face of their entire game.

There has been no shortage of discussion centered around the work that Niantic has been doing in developing Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go hit the marketplace as one of the most anticipated applications of all time. Teasing a blended Augmented Reality/live-action Pokemon RPG was all that gamers needed to hear before downloading the app for themselves. Now, two years later, Niantic is staring down another New Years Eve event that could usher in a 2018 to be remembered. What does Niantic have in store for one of the most popular apps in mobile history?

Before looking ahead to what is coming, let us look back to what just got here. It was recently announced that Pokemon Go would be ushering in a whole tier of Gen 3 Pokemon. This update hit the system alongside the newly updated Weather and Augmented Reality + systems. The excitement of these Gen 3 releases has been tempered in recent weeks as some of the best Pokemon of the bunch has proven to be almost impossible to capture by trainers. Headlining that group of ‘impossible to capture’ Pokemon is Relicanth, a rock/water type.

Niantic has always embraced regional exclusive Pokemon but the developers may have taken it too far with the release of Relicanth. Relicanth has been region locked to a small group of islands in the Pacific as well as New Zealand. Relicanth can be captured in Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and New Zealand. According to users on the Silph Road, a fansite dedicated to PoGo, this makes Relicanth the hardest to capture Pokemon in the entire game. According to population statistics, only 30 million users on the entire planet are in a place accessible to Relicanth. Niantic could change this by offering a special event that spawns the Pokemon globally, and that may end up happening some time down the line.

With all of that being said, Niantic is looking to 2018 in order to fundamentally change the face of their entire game. Big updates have been in the cards for the past couple of months and it looks like Niantic will want to keep that going. There are rumblings around the game that Niantic is planning on adjusting the Gym/Raid feature and that would have a huge impact on the game. Otherwise, Niantic is focused on finishing out their Christmas event in order to launch something special to usher in the New Year. So far, that special New Year event hasn’t been released as of yet.

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