Jeremy Piven accused of sexual misconduct again

One woman talked about she was an extra on the set of the 1980's movie Lucas.

Actor Jeremy Piven has played the part of one of the biggest loudmouths on television when he was on Entourage. It turns out that quite a few women believe he truly embodies the character that he is best known for, thanks to his behavior when he’s got a woman “cornered.”

At the height of the Harvey Weinstein fallout, there were a number of actors who were accused of acting much like the mogul has done. Jeremy Piven was among those who had been accused of sexual misconduct. Those accusations had come in November of last year. Now, there are three more women who have come forward to accuse Piven of acting in a way that was both sexually aggressive and a bit terrifying for the women.

Variety reports that much like the first swath of accusations, these new accusations are being vehemenentally denied by Piven. The actor points to a lie detector test he took whe the first accusations had surfaced. That lie detector was one that the actor said he passed and that he has never assaulted any women.

The actor pointed to how long ago the accusations go back and seemed to point to how old they are as a reason to dismiss them out of hand. At the same time, those accusations have enough rings of truth in them that there are certainly going to be some people who believe the women.

One woman talked about she was an extra on the set of the 1980’s movie Lucas. That movie was Piven’s first and both he and the women he allegedly assaulted were both in their teens. Piven has been accused of cornering more than a few of the women so that they couldn’t leave when the situation became one that they didn’t want to be involved in. Just what happens now is really anybody’s guess. There is a chance Piven could face some problems with the law. The more likely outcome is that he becomes a bit of a pariah in Hollywood. To some extent that has already happened as he is not someone that people are clamoring to hire at this point in time.