DocPreneur Dr. Mark Mckenna To Launch OVME In March 2018

Dr. Mark McKenna has had a long and arduous journey from medical school to his present position as founder and CEO of OVME
Dr. Mark Mckenna OVME Founder

The entrepreneurial spirit is something that we all laud and for great reason. It is through entrepreneurship that innovation, new designs, and cutting-edge new technologies are discovered, developed and find their way to market. This type of innovative and driven spirit is something that is valuable in every industry, but doctors like Mark McKenna have noticed that in the field of medicine, this is often lacking.

McKenna has had a long and arduous journey from medical school to his present position as founder and CEO of OVME, a boutique medical application and service that combines cutting-edge technology with the ability to get the kind of medical care you want, when you want it, and even where you want it.

Dr. Mark McKenna has had a long and storied career. A licensed surgeon, McKenna obtained his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School. Once he graduated from school, he began to practice medicine with his father in a family medical practice.

He loved helping patients and serving the local community, but he realized that being a doctor in the 21st century did not have the same clout or potential as it did in times past.

After he started practicing medicine with his father, a few things became apparent. Firstly, earning a healthy living as a doctor today, especially as a general practitioner, is harder than you might think. The earnings are already among the lowest in the medical field, and this coupled with insurance and other costs and many doctors earn a very modest living. He also found that while he loved medicine, McKenna was attracted to endeavors that required a lot of strategy, skill, and brainpower.

While he was practicing medicine with his father, McKenna also started up a real estate development company called McKenna Venture Investments. He had success with the real estate industry, achieving enough success to acquire and launch a mortgage lending and development company called Universal Mortgage Lending, as well as Uptown Title.

These businesses allowed his to demonstrate his ability to remake and revamp a company and make a name for himself within the field.

Under his leadership, these companies saw great growth and expansion and McKenna had made a name for himself in the New Orleans real estate market. Though things were going incredibly well for Dr. McKenna, tragedy is never far away.

Hurricane Katrina, one of the most destructive and devastating hurricanes in recent memory, hit New Orleans in 2005 and along with it, destroyed a great deal of McKenna’s real estate holdings. Not one to let negative happenings get him down, McKenna displayed the resolve that has helped him to be so successful in all the ventures he has partaken in. He rolled up his sleeves, figuratively and literally, and joined in the effort to help rebuild New Orleans in the wake of the devastation of the hurricane.

Dr. Mark MCkenna Katrina

Residents of the B.W. Cooper housing project play on mattresses on June 10, 2007.

As part of his efforts to help the city of New Orleans recover after Hurricane Katrina, Dr. McKenna worked with community leaders to assist in the redevelopment of low- to moderate-income housing in the area. This was a much-needed effort as the lower income areas of the city were among the hardest hit and least likely to be able to handle the destruction the hurricane wrought.

Community efforts like those McKenna partook in played a huge role in helping the city and its residents return to some semblance of normalcy after such a traumatic disaster.

McKenna launched ShapeMed after moving to Atlanta in 2007. The company was a boutique medical practice that specializes in aesthetic and wellness-oriented healthcare procedures. The company went on to achieve a good deal of success an in 2014, McKenna was able to sell ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness, Inc., a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.

As a part of the acquisition, McKenna was brought on as the National Medical Director for Life Time Fitness Inc. Dr. McKenna retained his position at the company until he left in 2016 to pursue his latest venture, OVME.

OVME is a boutique medical business that combines the use of technology with convenience. This makes it easier than ever before to manage elective or aesthetic healthcare options from the comfort of your own home. OVME was an idea that was over a decade in the making.

The idea was to provide a more high end and “user-friendly” experience for people who use boutique or elective health care services. McKenna saw the popularity of certain product lines, such as Botox, and realized that there was no high end and a less invasive way for people to obtain the services they want.

The company, pronounced “Of Me”, has been a brainchild of McKenna’s since he first got into the medical aesthetic business and saw the areas where the field is lacking. The basic “gist” of OVME is that you can use a convenient and easy-to-use application that will connect you to high quality elective medical practitioners in your area. You can even request a house call, meaning you can obtain some of these elective procedures from the comfort of your own home, something that other boutique medical service providers just do not offer.

Dr. McKenna has big dreams for the future and his boutique medical services application. Already in the works are plans for shops opening in both Atlanta and Las Vegas in the coming year. McKenna has a solid plan for future growth and is confident not only in his business model but also in the service that he is providing consumers. He’s bringing his specialized understanding of business, finance, and innovation in concert with his training and medical background, providing a truly unique service and application that hasn’t been tried before.

Atlanta based Dr. Mark Mckenna and wife Given his past success and the unique and innovative nature of his new service, the future looks bright for Dr. Mark McKenna and he hopes to see his new venture go national and even beyond. McKenna currently resides with his family in the Atlanta area, where he is an active member of the local community, particularly with regard to the arts.