Boxer Donaire Joins Greg Secker in Housing Project

One of the characteristics of a good entrepreneur is how much they give back to the communities they live and work in. Recently, highly successful businessman, published author, and...
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One of the characteristics of a good entrepreneur is how much they give back to the communities they live and work in. Recently, highly successful businessman, published author, and distinguished speaker, Greg Secker, showed again just how much of a difference a little community involvement can provide a whole host of deserving people. Secker is a highly accomplished and made his name in the foreign exchange market and has also been an accomplished author of a number of educational books about foreign exchange trading.


There are natural disasters that occur around the world and these disasters displaced families, destroy everything they’ve owned and worked for, and can even result in the tragic loss of life. But, as Greg Secker understands, the tragedy doesn’t end after the disaster has abated. In fact, it is once that proverbial dust settles that you often see just how much damage has been done. This was the case in the aftermath of a recent typhoon that hit residents of the island Iloilo, causing a huge amount of damage and destruction for the residents who live there.


Secker is certainly no stranger to philanthropic efforts. In 2010, he founded The Greg Secker Foundation, which is a non-profit organization. The organization has a broad mission and is involved with a wide range of different efforts that all aim to help improve the quality of life for people around the world. The foundation also often partners with youth organizations that help to foster leadership skills, business skills, as well as furthering educational opportunities for youth.


Secker has even been recognized internationally for his charitable efforts. In 2017, he was listed as one of the “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs” which is seen as a “who’s who” list of successful business people-cum-philanthropist. Additionally, Secker also announced in 2017 his joining of the board for the Ambassadors for City Philanthropy.


The result of the typhoon in Iloilo was absolute devastation. The conditions and situation the residents were dealing with was brought to the attention of Greg Secker, who has a long history of being involved in a variety of charitable and philanthropic ventures. This led Secker to do some research, after which, he located an area that he could pool his resources into aiding in the rebuilding effort.


The location that was ultimately chosen is in an area of the island called Lemery on which to build some 100 new homes that would then be gifted to surviving typhoon victims. The project will create what is called the Greg Secker Foundation Village. Secker is partnering with a figure popular in the region called Nonito Donaire. Donaire is a popular and well known champion boxer that is also known for his dedication to a variety of important local causes.


The two connected over the project and Donaire was happy to join forces with Secker in this, and possibly future, efforts. These efforts, as both Donaire and Secker note, allow them to give back to the communities and causes that mean the most to them. It also allows people like Donaire, a native to the region, the opportunity to use his platform, voice, and popularity to be the voice for the people of his nation and for those who don’t have a voice.


The pairing was natural and recently, Greg Secker invited Donaire to formally donate the 100 homes to the typhoon survivors. Donaire was more than willing to join Secker as it was another opportunity to show that athletes can make a difference to the community and to society and that their efforts matter and are important. In essence, he hopes to cultivate more athletes that have a community focus like he has shown. Efforts like this, especially when they are met with media coverage and praise, can often spark others in similar situations to also do their part and get involved in some sort of community effort.


The trip, while short, was exciting and important for both Donaire and Greg Secker. There is always a sense of pride and accomplishment seeing a project come to fruition. Secker and his wife met Donaire and his wife at the airport in Manilla, where they then traveled the short distance to Iloilo. While he was there for the dedication, always the professional, Donaire took some time to get some boxing practice in after the dedication before heading back to the United States.


The project, which was dubbed “Build A House, Build A Home” was a highly successful initiative that has caused Donaire to dream bigger. He hopes, in the future, to continue to take part in projects like Secker’s and continue to give back to the community by helping those affected by natural disasters. This partnership may have sparked a lifetime of giving and charitable efforts for Donaire and just further illustrates Secker’s enduring commitment to helping those in need around the world.